EPA-Approved Coatings & Sealants for
Lumber or Water Treatment Plants

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EPA Certified Coatings for Drip Pad & Retort Pits
KrystalSeal is a 96% solid, easy-to-apply, deep-penetrating epoxy sealer, certified to meet: Federal RCRA Regulations 40 CFR Subsection W - Drip Pads: Paragraph 264.573 subparagraph (a) (4) (i); and/or Paragraph 265.443 subparagraph (a) (4) (i); and all similar State E.P.A. regulations (including Arkansas). KrystalSeal is considered a high-tech concrete-penetrating sealer, client-applicable by standard roll, brush, or spray equipment. Chemical Specialties, Inc. contracted Law Engineering Environmental Services to determine permeability and absorption of concrete treated with several industry-standard sealers. KrystalSeal excelled in every category, including permeability, depth of penetration, and lack of weight gain (water). Law Project #224-03309.03 is attached. Osmose Wood Preserving, Inc. Environmental Newsletter also cites KrystalSeal as one of the top penetrating sealers for drip pads. Coverage (sq.ft./gal.) of KrystalSeal is excellent, averaging material cost of approx. 65¢/sq.ft. Application life expectancy is 7 to 10-years, with only minimal maintenance.

TK-100 is a high-solids, hybrid-polymeric, epoxy-base coating developed to provide a tough, impact- resistant, user-friendly, chemical-resistant barrier. TK-100 has a usable pot-life of 8-hours to 24-hours, depending on ambient temperature. Standard colors are white, black, gray or clear. Factory custom-tinting available. TK-100 meets RCRA Regulations 40 CFR Subsection W. Coverage is excellent, considering matrix porosity and Wet Film Thickness applied.

Expansion Joint Compound
TWI-500 is an elastomeric, chemical-resistant, synthetic-rubber (polysulfide), permanent joint sealant. Originally formulated to FedSpecs A 116.1-1960 & TT-S-227B for airport runway joints, TWI-500 is also used for drip pads, tilt-up & curtain walls, and UST construction. TWI-500 comes in pourable S/L (Self-Leveling) for horizontal joints, and N/S (Non-Sag) for vertical joints.

Concrete Repair Compound
EpoxiPatch/Kote is a 100% solid, non-shrinking, epoxy-based compound for patching spalls, cracks, pop-outs, and other damage to concrete, cinder block, brick & masonry. EpoxiPatch/Kote is normally mixed with fine sand aggregate to form a pourable or trowelable mortar. Heavily spalled expansion joint shoulders can be repaired to standard ½-inch gap width using EpoxiPatch and plexiglass (guidelines available). EpoxiKote (no aggregate) is used as a protective primer for rebar, wood, concrete, etc. EpoxiPatch/Kote is highly chemical-resistant.

Corrosion Protective Topcoat
KrystalKote high-solids aliphatic polyurethane is a superior topcoat for bare or primed metal, wood, or concrete. KrystalKote is extremely chemical-, impact-, and fade-resistant, used as an interior & exterior coating for storage tanks, retort cylinders, buildings, wheeled equipment, etc.

Corrosion Protective Tank/Sludge Tub Liner
Corr-Res™ Epoxy is a two-component, 100% epoxy, sprayable or roller-applied compound, designed to protect steel or other metallic surfaces, as well as concrete surfaces, prone to corrosion.  Corr-Res is resistant to corrosive chemicals often found in sludge associated with de-watering boxes, and sludge-tub trailers used for offal & butcher waste transport, as well as concrete surfaces exposed to corrosive chemicals associated with waste-water treatment, etc.  Corr-Res exhibits long service life, high adhesion, and reliable resistance to: extreme weather; abrasion; corrosion; water immersion; temperature extremes; acids, alkalis, solvents; petro-chemicals, lubricants, gasoline, aviation & diesel fuels; blood & food processing waste.  Corr-Res possesses excellent chemical resistance and tensile characteristics, even after years of exposure to harsh environments.  Recommended for lining wood preservative chemical storage tanks containing CCA, ACQ, CA, BAC (quat - 50%), pentachlorophenol & other wood preservative chemicals.  Corr-Res can be applied on construction re-bar, concrete, wood, metal, masonry or other surfaces as a protective coating.


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