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TradeWinds International (TWI) is a manufacturer and distributor of High Performance coatings. We specialize in chemical-resistant, stain-resistant, and graffiti-resistant topcoats, as well as penetrating epoxies & fuel-resistant synthetic rubber. High adhesion and high durability are also inherent in our epoxy, polysulfide, & polyurethane formulas. Most of our formulas are based upon MilSpec (i.e. NASA) and FedSpec (i.e. EPA) requirements, some of which have been supplied for more than 30-years, while others have been recently formulated to meet new specifications or criteria.

Several of our products, such as KrystalKote, TK-100, and KrystalSeal, have such desirable characteristics, that cross-over to new commercial and industrial uses was immediate upon completion of trials, such as conducted by the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) and independent ASTM-Approved Labs. New applications for our coatings are constantly being proposed by end-users who quite often perform their own field testing. When warranted, TWI will contract an industry specialist to write and execute a testing protocol, then present the results on this dynamic and continually developing Web site. We encourage feed-back and unsolicited input to improve our products and product line.

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