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Above Waterline Top Coatings
KrystalKote is a high-solids, low-VOC, cross-linked aliphatic polyurethane topcoat possessing outstanding resistance to harsh conditions, such as a saltwater marine environment. KrystalKote exhibits long-term resistance to the effects of solar U-V and I-R: Clear will not yellow, and colors will not noticeably fade for 5/7/10-years (color dependant). KrystalKote has proven flexibility and tolerance to expansion & contraction, fuels & hydraulic fluids, abrasion, impact, and salt-spray, providing a crack-resistant surface required shipboard. Available in high gloss, low gloss, satin and flat finishes.It can be thinned with EPA-exempt Acetone for conventional or HVLP spray-application.

Nautical Primer Coating
TK-100 is a corrosion-resistant, chemical-resistant, high adhesion, hybrid-epoxy, with a pot-life of 8-hours to 24-hours, depending on ambient temperature. TK-100 is resistant to saltspray (2,500 hours continuous per ASTM B-17), sustained temps to 250°F, and intermittent temps to 350°F. Standard colors are white, black, gray or clear. Factory custom-tinting available. TK-100 is compatible with KrystalKote, allowing immediate topcoating for rapid turn-around, or topcoating days later. Both coatings can be thinned with EPA-exempt Acetone for conventional or HVLP spray-application. Non-marine uses include warehouse flooring, water treatment & lumber treating plants.

Sealant, Boat Decking and Vessel Horizontal Seams: Wood & Metal
TWI-600 (Conforms to: MIL-S-18255D - Ships) Characteristics: Self-Leveling (S/L), long service life, extreme elasticity, high adhesion, 1% shrinkage & swelling. Reliable resistance to: extreme weather, U-V/Sunlight, aging, electrolysis; brackish, fresh, & salt-water; petro-chemicals, aviation, marine, & diesel fuels; temp. extremes, vibration, normal structural movement, etc. Applications: Permanent sealing of joints & seams: wooden, concrete, or steel deck plates & planking, to guarantee absolute liquid barrier. Wood seams first primed with TWI-600 WD Wood Primer.


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