Mil & Fed Spec

KrystalSeal TWI-500 TWI-600 TWI-803

Sealant, Fuel Tank: Interior Lining & Exterior Coating Compound
TWI-803 (Conforms to MIL-S-14231C) Characteristics: Excellent resistance to corrosion caused by weather, salts, electrolysis, petroleum products, fuels, sewage water, etc.; Excellent tensile and impact resistance. Absolute water, caustic-chemical, vapor barrier. Polysulfide polymer. Applications: Sealing of rivets and welds in damaged oil and fuel tanks; sealing interior and/or exterior of concrete fuel bunkers. Storage tanks, sewage treatment facilities, bilges, piers, pilings, etc. Coating of underground pipes, USTs, & primary containment vessels, to prevent seepage to soil. Substitute for tar & other environmentally unacceptable coatings. May be over-coated with KrystalKote for enhanced chemical-corrosion protection or decorative purposes.

Sealant, Expansion Joint/Core Packing: PCCP Runway, Highway, Curtainwall, Drip Pad, UST
TWI-500 (Conforms to A116.1-1960 & TT-S-227B) Characteristics: Self-Leveling (S/L) or Non-Sag (N/S), non-shrinking, long service life, extreme elasticity, high adhesion. Reliable resistance to: extreme weather, U-V/Sunlight, electrolysis, aging; brackish, sweet, & salt-water; diesel, aviation, & jet fuels; petro-chemicals, normal structural movement, temperature extremes and typical vehicular traffic. Application: Physically sealing Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (PCCP) expansion joints in runway, roadway, drip pad, seawall, secondary containment vaults, tilt-up and curtainwall construction. Recommended where joints are subject to extreme structural movement as well as walkways, dams, reservoirs, swimming pools, piers, window frames, etc. Usable for vertical shipboard seams and metallic fittings through steel or concrete bulkheads or storage tanks, to guarantee an absolute liquid barrier. Masonry joints subject to prolonged immersion should be primed with TWI-500 MP Masonry Primer.

Sealant, Boat Decking and Vessel Horizontal Seams: Wood & Metal
TWI-600 (Conforms to: MIL-S-18255D - Ships) Characteristics: Self-Leveling (S/L), long service life, extreme elasticity, high adhesion, 1% shrinkage & swelling. Reliable resistance to: extreme weather, U-V/Sunlight, aging, electrolysis; brackish, fresh, & salt-water; petro-chemicals, aviation, marine, & diesel fuels; temp. extremes, vibration, normal structural movement, etc. Applications: Permanent sealing of joints & seams: wooden, concrete, or steel deck plates & planking, to guarantee absolute liquid barrier. Wood seams first primed with TWI-600 WD Wood Primer.

Sealant, Electronic
TWI-516 and TWI-517/E (Conform to: MIL-S-8516F) Characteristics: Outstanding electrical insulating properties, high adhesion, low shrinkage, high resistance to extreme changes in temperature and weather. Application: Encapsulating transformers, connections, switches, and other electrical or electronic equipment, where prevention of short-circuiting, arcing, and the loss of current, is critical; Encasing underground cables to impede moisture and water permeating insulation. Certified for Avionics & Marine applications.

Sealant, Low Adhesion, Removable
TWI-870 (Conforms to: MIL-S-8784B & A) Characteristics: Excellent resistance to heat, salt-water, hydrocarbons; maintains outstanding flexibility at low temperatures. Applications: Low adhesion sealing for removable panels, access doors, fuel tank inspection plates, fuel cell cavities & accesses, where gaskets are required.

Sealant, High Adhesion, Permanent
TWI-8020 (Conforms to: MIL-S-8802F) Characteristics: Excellent resistant to high and low temperatures, jet fuel, salt-water; High tensile strength and elongation; Outstanding hydrolytic stability; No cracking or chalking. Application: Sealing and repairing integral fuel tanks and fuel cell cavities for aircraft and aerospace vehicles.

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