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Top Coatings
KrystalKote aliphatic polyurethane is specified by the City of Los Angeles Street Department as a graffiti-resistant topcoat for all trailers, street sweepers, and heavy construction or maintenance vehicles potentially at risk to graffiti vandalism. KrystalKote High Gloss, bus chrome yellow or clearcoat has been spray-applied at the factory or by local dealerships for Caterpillar, John Deere, Volvo, Red River Trailers, Champion, Athey, etc. In addition, the Southern California Caterpillar dealership recommends TK-100 primer coat and KrystalKote topcoat for corrosion-resistance, to all clients seeking re-paint of older construction equipment, especially equipment working in marine environments. Beach cities such as Huntington Beach specify both TK-100 and KrystalKote on all new beach and street equipment. Rockland Manufacturing Co., was so impressed with the long-term corrosion-resistance of KrystalKote, that TK-100 and KrystalKote are now optioned to all of their "beach cleaning vehicle" clients. Mammoet Western LLC, operating-owner of some of the largest crane equipment in the world, specified KrystalKote due it's cleanability and resistance to hydraulic fluids, fuels and other petro-chemicals (photos). Since 1996, both Schwartz Ready Mix and M.P. Ready Mix, Inc. have applied KrystalKote to all new and repainted concrete mixer trucks. Per their letter of recommendation, dried concrete can be removed with plain water, without chipping paint or use of acid-wash. Their trucks remain shiny, chip-free, and clean much longer, doubling time before re-painting. Several large SoCal cement companies have trialed KrystalKote for fleet-wide use.

Primer Coating
TK-100 is an extremely corrosion- and chemical-resistant, high adhesion, hybrid-epoxy, with a pot-life of 8-hours to 24-hours, depending on ambient temperature. Standard colors are white, black, gray or clear. Factory custom-tinting available. TK-100 is compatible with KrystalKote, allowing immediate topcoating for rapid turn-around, or topcoating days later. Both coatings can be thinned for conventional or HVLP spray-application with EPA-exempt Acetone.


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